I help Young & Inspired adults find their path & own their path - without the nonsense.





Sam's a true force for good. His incredible energy, dedication to growth, and ruthless self-honesty are a rare gem in the world. When you team up with Sam, he's 120% dedicated to making your life better. He also gives it to you straight - no sugarcoating. So if you're in a rut - or feel trapped - I can't think of a better person to work with. Just do it.



Freelance Masseuse 

& Entrepreneur

Sam provided invaluable business coaching for me during the initial 6 months of founding and launching my start-up. He enabled me to think outside the box and consider various different options and directions for my venture. Sam has a holistic and refreshing approach to problem solving without which I couldn’t have developed my strategy, business model and products with the same rounded vision and success to which I’ve since achieved. I’d really recommend Sam for any such consulting, mentoring or personal development work you’re considering.

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Music Artist

Sam is a great coach. Was nice to work with him, very easy to communicate with. He's very passionate with what he's doing. Would recommend